Beta 1.53: What’s new?

Here is a sum up of the information that can be found on the Beta server for the 1.53 Update. I hope it will help you!

Zinit Part 2

Finally we can taste a bit of Zinit 2 which is designed for the high levels! Indeed, the first dungeon of this part is Kali’s Lair, a dungeon level 156-171. The other dungeons are: Badgerox level 186-200 and Or’Hodruin Volcano level 186-200 too! The new dungeons are bringing some new equipments and above all new relics and epics to the game! Let’s start with Kali’s Lair.

Kali’s Lair 156-170

This new dungeon designed around the Sacriers and located on the High Slope will give you a hard time! This new family is made of 3 monsters and 1 Boss. Their gameplay will surely surprise you. Get ready because if you go looking for trouble, you’ll find it!

We can also meet our dear Kali outside the dungeon. She’s the Clan Master of the High Slope.

This area is following Astrub’s model which means that each family has its own Archmonster and we met the Sacrier Archmonster: Soeur Soudeuse la Fondue!

We entered the dungeon and the design is really nice! We’ll do a video very soon to show you our attempts at defeating the Boss of this dungeon.

But let’s get straight to what you’re waiting for.. What could we win if we defeat these bloodthirsty beasts? Well.. Very good items and a new relic and a new epic!

So, what do you think about it? Pretty nice, eh? Let’s continue our ascension of the Zinit. Be brave friends because we’re getting to the Badgerox area!

The Badgerox 186-200

As for the previous family, the Badgerox family is made of 3 monsters, on Boss and has its own dungeon! You’re too high level and Moon only tickles you? Well you’ll come down to earth with a bang! Indeed, they’re not softies.


Here are the items available in the token machine with the associated relic:

I don’t know about you but I love this relic! Everything seems nice and all but.. It won’t be easy to get all this dungeon’s treasures! Why so, you ask? Well.. Because the Boss of this dungeon might be Nogord’s cousin! Yes, he has 500 000 HPs and he even tickles you for 90 000 HPs. Interesting, right? You’ll have to be rigorous and you’ll understand why if you check his states. We’ll soon do a video!

That’s not everything! Here is another announcement that will delight more than one of you: Steles are coming back to the game! Indeed, we can see that the Badgerox Dungeon has 3 steles. But how do we activate them? In order to activate one of the three steles, you need to give 20 Eternal Super-Glou. What is it? Super-Glous are the rewards from environmental quests. And why Eternal? Because they now work the same way as everything, by level range. You’ll then have Exquisite Super-Glou from level 156-171 environmental quests and Eternal Super-Glou from level 186-200 environmental quests. Ready to take up the challenge?

The Volcano of Or’Hodruin 186-200

Aaah this famous volcano… But if you know… who is in the heart of Dor’Mor! Ah I feel that this magnificient place is full of references, that we can’t wait for!

New Artefact

And yes, we were able to discover on the Beta server that in order to access the Upper Slope we needed a new artefact that seems to be borrowed from… Darkli Moon? We can’t wait to learn more about how to get this new treasure and especially how to use it!


So what’s new ? Hmm.. a lot it seems! Let’s see what we got…

  • We unlocked the maximum level of professions. The highest level of resources is 125 and the highest level of recipe is 130, though it’s possible to keep gaining EXP.
  • The localisation and the level of all the obtainable resources in game has been reviewed. There is now a resource every 5 levels from level 0 to 125 (level 5 included).
  • All the new components and refinings are now available. In all, there is one every 10 levels from level 0 to 120.

And yeah! We got to check out some of the new item upgrade recipes and were not disappointed!

Did you see all those Black Monkey Hairs? “Ouchie, it hurts, they’re crazy” is what you’re thinking at this moment. Well, dear adventurers, don’t be afraid because they thought of everything! Yes, the boss resources are now available in the token machines.

You now have a lot of recipes to discover and new levels to conquer!



Other small things that are very important! All the legendary items on Moon are now on the same level, 185. The bonuses on some items have been modified accordingly, sometimes increased to the delight of some and sometimes… nerfed to the great misfortune of others!

Booster Pack

The achievement / quest interfaces have been reviewed in order to highlight the Booster Pack advantages. It’s a lot clearer. This will allow you to known for sure the amount of tokens or EXP you’ll get.

Character Creation Interface Revamp

And here is finally the rework of the character creation interface. It’s clearer now and explains the different roles of each class. This will undoubtedly help new players choose their class better and what type of gameplay will suit them the best. We will wait until the interface is completely finished in order to fully judge it.

We meet again next week to discover the new Beta update together! On the program: Zinit spaceship and the Dor’Mor monster family

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