Beta 1.53: New Update

Already a new update?! Yes, Ankama doesn’t do things by half and you won’t be disappointed! So, ready. Let’s discover what’s new with this update.

Zinit 2

Zinit 2 is an area designed for high level players as you probably already know. An area which offers its first level 200 monsters to the game! But then.. first level 200 monsters means first level 200 equipments? Exactly! We already showed you the items available from the two new dungeons’ token machines yesterday, today we show you the crafts! (right click and show the image to see it better!).



Leather Dealer


Close Combat Weapon Master

Distance Weapon Master

Area Weapon Master

We’ve seen the crafts and the items available from the token machines.. But what about the drops? We’ve seen some from the Badgerox family with their upgrades.

Eventually, know that all Kali’s equipments now have a visual on the Beta server. Therefore you can try them and create yourself a.. unique kind of style!

Astrub Model

Does that remind you of something ? Yes, you have had to hear this term quite frequently lately and for good reason, more and more areas are moving to this “Astrub model”. So what is it ? To summarize very briefly, it is a model that contains:

  • For each family of monsters, in addition to those we know, we now have 1 archmonster and 1 dominant monster (which allows you to drop very interesting items!).
  • The items are adapted to the level range and have possible improvements via crafting.
  • The tokens are obtainable via weekly and daily quests (already applied to all areas of the game with the 1.51 update).

And in this update it is Moon and Xelorium who adopt this new model adding new archmonsters, a standardization of the items at a single level as well as improvements of scarcity via craft for each of them! Note to me: I will seriously have to find a solution for the builder which will soon have too many versions of a single item! In the meantime, use the rarity filter.

Ultimate Bosses Items

The zones are stuffed .. Yes .. But the Ultimate Bosses are too! No no, no new archmonsters etc, but a possibility to improve the equipment via crafting! The items taken from the croupier are now of mythical rarity and therefore nerfed accordingly. You will now have to go through crafting to unlock their full potential.

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