Barbottine: the passionate

We meet once again to discover a new artist. This time, we are lucky enough to welcome Barbottine (aka SossoSpace). You know him, he has created avatars for the WAKFU and DOFUS forums that you all use ! And yes, without realizing it, you already love his work. Discover his universe with us.

  • When and why did you start drawing?

Drawing and painting are an integral part of my balance and my life. I have been drawing since my childhood. At four years old I had fun creating my own little stories that featured little funny animals. I grew up with Disney, Tex Avery, Tintin and Spirou. My trait has evolved over time and continues to evolve.

  • What tools (paint, crayons, graphic tablets) do you master and what are your favorites?

I am a jack of all trades: oil, watercolors, aerography, acrylic, calligraphy, pastels, marker etc. I like to work the material and color. The extra fine oil remains by far what I prefer to work with. But at the moment, it is not possible for me to get back to it … The watercolor remains a very nice alternative to make my colors livelier. As for the digital, it is a practical alternative to allow me to continue living my passion.

  • Why keep this traditional style (colored pencil effect) even with digital?

Simply because I like the traditional result. But above all I really lack time and space to paint. When I paint, I like to cut myself off from the world. But this is no longer possible. I haven’t found any solution to continue painting quietly than to use digital, because it is easy to “cheat”. Moreover, I no longer have any material constraint. It is possible for me to continue to create my lively little universe through a less restrictive tool.

  • But you don’t just draw, I also saw sculptures! Can you tell us about them briefly? The materials you use, the average time of creation.

At one time, I was painting figurines on a 90mm scale with extra fine oil that I made to compete in the nationals. I created my sets and I modified my lead figurines with Milliput paste (a sort of hardening resin in the form of paste). Currently, it is no longer possible for me to dedicate myself fully to this type of leisure. So, for lack of time and place, I use earth or hardening paste. My Dofus character busts are realized with self-hardening modeling clay DAS. It is an easy to find product, cheap and simple enough to work with. To paint the little figures, I invested in Prince Augustus acrylics. The technique is very different from oil painting. Modeling and finishing a bust takes me around a week counting the drying time. The coloring takes me three half days (undercoat, base, paint, finish and varnish).

  • What do you like most about your activity?

To paint. Yes, I love painting with real brushes and real pigments *smiles*.

  • Why did you start playing Wakfu and what do you like most about it?

I am a fan of the graphic universe of Ankama. I followed the first steps of Dofus, then those of Wakfu. I participated in the different Wakfu Beta releases by naming my different characters “Barbottine”. I kept hanging to the concept of a sandbox universe in which the community had power over flora, fauna and politics. I have stopped playing regularly since the game went F2P.

  • Why did you decide to create Wakfu fan art?

The idea came to me at the Ankama Convention #6. There was a space to draw. I had settled there to have a snack. For fun, I had started scribbling an Iop. Raising my nose, I realized that I was surrounded by people watching me draw. Some kids even asked for an autograph, convinced that I was working for Ankama. Back home, I created the Barbottine Gallery on the official forum of the game and I was quickly spotted by the staff.

  • What are your favorite creations and why?

They are many … That’s a difficult question *laughter*. My oil paintings and my watercolors related to my universe are by far my favorites. In the series of fan arts, my favorite goes to the Sadida that stitches its doll. I finished it a few hours before the birth of my first boy. Next comes Warcraft fan art featuring a Draenei in front of the door of darkness. This is my first experience in digital painting in Photoshop. Finally, the whole universe of SossoSpace which I love a lot. SossoSpace allowed me to advance, to affirm a style and especially to meet great people.

  • Do you have any new projects for 2017?

2016 was a very complicated year for me … It was difficult for me to reconcile my professional life, my family life and my passion for drawing … For 2017, I just hope to regain the time and inspiration necessary to plunge me back into the wacky universe of SossoSpace.

  • Are you planning to prepare a new set of avatars with the arrival of the Ouginaks in February?

Of course and it’s planned! I was just waiting for the official visual of the characters. I’m considering to take advantage of my next holidays to draw them in watercolor.

  • Are you waiting Season 3 of the series with impatience?

Oh yeah ! With lots and lots of impatience!

  • Do you have any particular idols or inspirations?

The first on my list is Frank Frazetta, an American artist. It is the ideal to achieve for me. I am admiring the work on wood by Audrey Chihiro Kawasaki. Benoît Sokal, Régis Loisel, Joshua Middleton, Milo Manara … Concerning litterature, I would mention H. P. Lovecraft, J.R.R.Tolkien, G. Orwell and H. Murakami.

  • Where can we find your work?
– Illustrations of the book Secrets and Mysteries of Halloween by P.Cahen, the Grancher edition 1999.
– In some HS issues of the Photoshop Advanced Creation magazine and Be Creative from Oracom.
– In some issues of Dofus Mag and in Issues 2, 7 and 8 of the Wakfu Mag
– Header for the tweeter page of
– Header of the Google+ pages of the sites Jeux and

  • Something to add for the community?

The universe of Ankama is rich in color and imagination. I think that one should not hesitate to take his pencils and create freely. The goal is not to stick to a style or to achieve perfection, but rather to develop a style of your own and get to know each other. A big thank you to those who follow me and who allow me to live a common passion.

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