What are Archmonsters ?
Archmonsters are special monsters that are captured by Otomai’s Disciples. They’ll free the archmonster for 1 hour if you pay the tribute which will allow you to try your luck fighting them. Beware! the archmonster will be joined by as many members of his monster family as there are players on your side. As a reward for beating them you receive their special material that can be used in the Moon dungeon steles as well as a chance at dropping powerful items that can be further upgraded through various crafts but remember that you can only drop once per activation. Don’t worry if you die though, you can try as many times possible so long as there’s still time and running out of it during a fight won’t kick you out so no need to rush things, take your time and do things carefully. You will find here a written guide to beat them but also a video !


(Click on the images to get to the Archimonster’s page)

Gengas Kin

Koko Rico

Croco Dandy

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