Moon & Zinit Steles

Steles Guide

How does it work ? : There are 3 kind of steles, Opal, Pearly and Amber. To have a chance to get the rewards, you have to activate them. To do so, you will have to put ressources in each of those steles.
For Moon steles, ressources you get by killing the three Moon Archimonsters (Croco Dandy, Koko Rico, Gengas Kin). You always need the same ressource for each stele : Amber = Dandy Hats, Pearly = Gengas Kin’s Blowpipe, Opal = Koko Rico’s Strongarm Lance.
For Zinit steles, you need to offer 20 Eternal Super-Glou for each stele. You can get those resources through environmental quests on the Mount Zinit part 2. When you activate a stele, it unlocks special drops but also new fight mechanics!
Why should I activate them ? : First of all, because there is no other way to drop that special gear. Second reason is that when you run a Moon or a Zinit 2 dungeon, you have 0% chance to drop a Relic. Though, if you  activate steles, they will give you each 0.1% chances to drop the relic and if you activate the three of them, you get 0.4% drop chances !

Moon 1 :jhjh


Not finishing your turn in line with an ally results in instadeath (with disembodiment). You can finish in line with summons.

Tip: Have someone stand in line with the boss during the 1st turn so that Feca could be able to lock him when it’s his turn. 


Dealing damage causes allies to take 100% of that damage in a 3×3 cell AoE around the caster. Using a healing spell causes it to cancel and instead allies in a 3×3 cell AoE around the healer get healed 100% of the heal.

Tip: When positioning your characters: have the player that doesn’t need line of sight in the back, single target users in the front and AoE users in the middle. Avoid using spells on Kokonuts while you’re surrounded by allies. They don’t have any resistances which can cause you to deal a lot of damage to your allies.


Killing an enemy causes all the other monsters to gain the following buff: +25% damage dealt, +1 PM and +125 Resistance. It only lasts a turn on mobs and doesn’t stack. Boss gains 10% damage dealt every turn.


Players lose 3 MP and get stabilized.


Heals and armors are canceled unless the affected player is next to an ally or an enemy.


Finishing your turn in line with an ally results in instadeath (with disembodiment). You can not finish in line with summons.

Moon 2 :



Not finishing your turn within 3 cells of an ally results in insta death (with disembodiment).

Tip: Have the hero playing before Feca summon something close to him.


Every spell that uses AP has its AP cost increased by 1. Every spell that uses WP has its WP cost increased by 1. Using any spell reduces your MP by 1.

Tip: You can use all of your MP before casting spells.


All enemy mobs get stabilized outside their turn and gain bonuses. Rippers gain MP, Shamans gain AP and their spell (swamp curse) doesn’t need line of sight anymore and Hunters gain damage.


Extra Natural Extermination (1 or 2) during phase change, the Boss gains additional +3 range.


Mobs need to be within 3 cells of each other to get damaged.


Getting healed reduces your AP by 1. An extra AP gets removed each +1 000 heal.

Zinit :


All the characters are losing 2 MPs.

“Badgerox Wrath”: All the monsters have the state “Badgerox wrath”, it gives bonuses and gains 1 level per turn. Applies +10 Final damage and +30 elemental resistances per level of the state and +1 AP and +1 MP each 3 levels of the state.

“Like a Rock”: The boss can’t be teleported, transposed or carried.


“Surpreme Pheonix”: Magmas’ Pheonix Spirit is improved. If after an attack the Magma’s HPs = 40%, then it applies Pheonix on it.

« Sor’Hon’s Rage » : +2 PO, +200 Elemental Resistances (applied to Sor’Hon).

It applies -3 Range and -2 APs to every player.


“Immobility” : -3 MPs.

“Rancor” : Increases the damage and the shells’ area of explosion (to a size 3 circle).

“Energy” : +5 APs to monsters.


“Diffusion” : The quintessence can be transmitted without the distance constraint and is doubled every time it is transmitted (stacks up to 16).

“Active Volcano” : An extra hot rock appears at every phase.

“Mazuku” : Ashdragon creates Deadly Clouds starting at phase 2.

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