Every Relic’s Aura

(Jelly Dungeons Lvl.96 – Jellith Dimension)gelano

Otomai’s Disciple Armor
(Reward for completing the 5th chapters of the Otomai Quest : here)otomai

Meridia Insignia
(In exchange of 360 tokens at the Almanax)

Celestial Bearbarian Amulet
(Hagen Daz’s Pot Lvl.111 – Chillberg)

(Ambassador’s Wing Lvl.111 – Ruins of the Asparah Gorge)solomonk solomonk

Powerful Dazzling Belt
(Lenald Empelol’s Temple Lvl.126 – Wabbit Island)powerfulceinture

Harry Boots
(Castuc Dungeon Lvl.111 – Ohwymi)harry harry

(Wabbit Dungeons Lvl.126 – Wabbit Island)nettlez nettlez

(Whirly Dungeon Lvl.111 – Zinit, Lower Slope)

(Thank you Azu-Chan, Nox, for this aura)

Asse Shield
(Tormentor’s Pit Lvl.111 – Shushu’s Dimension)asse

Dark Vlad’s Epaulettes
(Blackspore Dungeon Lvl.126 – The Fungopole)dv DV

Flaxhid’s Talisman
(Flaxhid Lvl.126 – Shushu’s Dimension)flax

(Srambad Dungeon Lvl.141 – Srambad)souleater

Golden Keychain
(Enurado Dungeon Lvl.141 – Enurado)gkc

(Meka Factory Lvl.156 – Xelorium Past)lucloak

Bygone Hand
(Ow El Dungeon Lvl.156 – Xelorium Present)bygone

Wounded Straps
(Kali’s Lair Lvl.156 – Zinit, Upper Slope)

Dora N.I.O.

Belt of the Winds
(Kanniball or Tropike Dungeons with steles Lvl.171 – Moon)botw

Daggers Sives
(Kannivore or Crocodyl Dungeons with steles Lvl.171 – Moon)sives

Otomai’s Pilgrim Shoes
(Reward for completing the 5th chapters of the Otomai Quest : here)
(Thank you Kraive, Dathura, for this aura)

Monkey King Epaulettes
(Craft, blueprint can be obtained after defeating Sham Moon)

(In exchange of the other epaulettes in Sham Moon’s token machine)

(Thank you Navet, Aerafal, for this aura)

Prismatic Dofus

(Merci Fica, Aerafal, pour cette aura)

Mark VII
(Badgerox Dungeon lvl.186)

(Thank you Risingson, Remington, for this aura)

Coat of the Sorceror-King
(Magma Dungeon lvl.186)

(Thank you Waäsa, Aerafal, for this aura)

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