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Method is a Sufokian, international guild playing on the server Remington. I am Ainla, Method’s leader. I decided to create that website, first of all for my guild, but also for the whole Wakfu community. Since the beginning I’ve written guides for my guild because Internet is full of french guides, but it’s sometimes really difficult to find them in English ! This is the reason why I decided to write those guides. I hope they will be useful to all of you !

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Did you see a mistake ? Do you want to help us by giving informations or just showing your support ? Contact us at : methodwakfu@gmail.com

22 thoughts on “About Us

  1. thank you for all the amazing work. I love the character builder. I think it is exactly what we needed. I love that the site is all so lightweight and does not lag. And the gear search in there could use its very own page in my opinion as it is very fast and super functional. Very simplistic in the best way possible. Thank you again sooooo much.

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