3rd Year Huppermage Quest Lvl.130

Required Level : level 130              Recommended number of characters : 1

The Huppermagic School allows you to learn new skills and opens up new quests to you, as well as a new dungeon! This time you certainly won’t have to be dragged to school, kicking and screaming! So if you want to breeze through some amazing new skills, and we’re talking Quadramental Breeze here, enrol in the Huppermagic School, located on Rok Island.
That quest is divided in 3 parts, you will unlock each one of them at level 30,80 and then 130. Each “year” you will be able to win a new active spell or a passive after completing the whole quest. Appealing, right ? For that third year (part) you will have “Mass Charm” as a reward. “Mass Charm” : active spell, attracts by 2 cells towards the target and gives 150 lock to the target.

1 – 3nd Year : Prisoner of Sorrows

“It would seem that the Hoodlums, your enemies, are already in the school walls. This plot’s conclusion seems close, so you’ve decided to grasp the situation. Go back to the Huppermage School and look for the secret passage the Hoodlums will have used, then go back the other way, and hopefully you’ll find their point of origin.”

  • Find one of the secret passages used by the Hoodlums

Reward : 39 000 000 xp

Climb up the stairs to the second floor and go on the right. You have to use the “Book of Secrets” on the Headmaster’s bookshelf.

2 – A Pancetage of Labyrinth

“You’ve found the secret passage, but that’s not the end of your punishment ! Here you are lost in the most notorious of labyrinths, with the way being lit for precisely a few minutes. Hurry, your enemies won’t hang around !”

  • Reach the other exit of this Pancentage of Labyrinth

Reward : 39 000 000 xp

Find your way through the Labyrinth. Be careful and be quick you only have a short time before your light goes out. If it does, you lose and have to start all over again ! You can take some light from the shelves on your way to get more time. To get out you’ll need to have taken enough light (it will become green when you’ll have enough). Be careful though, there are some traps on the ground if you run into them, you will be teleported at the start of the Labyrinth. Here is a map with everything to know ! (I also give you a video if you really prefer that media, though I think the map is way clearer).

(Click on the image to see it bigger)

3 – Mission Impossible : Infiltration

“You’ve reached the Hoodlums’ Lair, but there are many of them, and they’re keeping an eye on you. It looks like a Mission Impossible to go any further, but what’s gotta be done…”

  • Dodge or get rid of the guards to reach the exit

Reward : 39 000 000 xp + Ocullege Key x2

To complete the challenge, you need to reach the other side of the map or to neutralize all the Hoodlums. Do not enter the Hoodlums’ vision (green glyphes). Do not stay within 3 cells of a Hoodlum 2 turns in a row when they start their turn. To kill a Hoodlum, hit it twice in the back. Do not neutralize a Hoodlum that is less than 3 cells away from another one or you’ll be spotted right away. Here is the solution !

4 – The Occullege

“You’ve managed to get in, and as you note with amazement, you’re quite simply in the School Gardens. The keys you got from the Hoodlums show your enemy must be entrenched in the disused Old School. Go to the Occulege to unmask the ultimate enemy and affront them in an epic fight !”

  • Complete the Occullege dungeon

Reward : 39 000 000 xp

The complete guide of the dungeon is in the making, but I will sum it up briefly for you to succeed ! First of all, the rooms of that dungeon can be pretty hard so try to make a full team to go there. The Hoodlums will work with the same principle as the ones in the Zepplanterne dungeon, meaning they’re all real classes from the game. The most important thing to do in every room is to focus the Eniripsas (wearing white hoods). In fact they can revive every turn ! Try to avoid close combat with the Iops, they can hit pretty hard. Try not to end next to each others because the Cras have powerful AoEs. There are yellow glyphs on the ground. If you walk on them, they will teleport you (once a turn), you can use it to go closer (if you’re unlucky you can also be teleported in the back !).

Boss room : You will now confront the boss of this dungeon, Vilenya (18 000 HPs). Every turn, she uses an elemental rune you can see above her head (fire,air,water,earth). When she uses a rune, she will only use spells of this element. Every 2 turns, Vilenya makes the field crumble, dealing big damage on the whole map. Every 3 turns, she reduces player’s resistances. The strategy is really simple. She becomes invulnerable of the element she is using ! Example : If she has the water rune above her head, then you can hit with everything but water ! So hit air, earth or fire to deal damage ! Easy ? Now, Finish Her !

6 – Validate the 3rd Year

“Laetitia Jocasta Nuk, the bursar, is the person who will validate your skills. After having finished the tests in this year, you’ll have to go and see her.”

  • Complete the quest : A Pancentage of Labyrinth
  • Complete the quest : Mission Impossible : Infiltration
  • Complete the quest : The Occulege
  • Talk to Laetitia Jocasta Nuk to validate the year

Reward : Mass Charm

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