2nd Year Huppermage Quest Lvl.80

Required Level : level 80              Recommended number of characters : 1

The Huppermagic School allows you to learn new skills and opens up new quests to you, as well as a new dungeon! This time you certainly won’t have to be dragged to school, kicking and screaming! So if you want to breeze through some amazing new skills, and we’re talking Quadramental Breeze here, enrol in the Huppermagic School, located on Rok Island.
That quest is divided in 3 parts, you will unlock each one of them at level 30,80 and then 130. Each “year” you will be able to win a new active spell or a passive after completing the whole quest. Appealing, right ? For that second year (part) you will have “Fluctuation” as a reward. “Fluctuation” : passive, when you dodge a target you win levels of fluctuation (+15 without loss, +10 with loss), when you tackle a target (+15) and for a target ending their turn near you (+20). Each level of fluctuation is 1% Damage received on the next spell from the caster (maximum is +60%).

1 – 2nd Year : Secret Story

“Having now passed the first undergraduate year, you’re as proud as a Gobball ! So, ready for some new adventures ? New challenges await you : go to the Huppermage School, where you can now go upstairs.”

  • Go to the upper floor of the Huppermage School

Reward : 1 260 000 xp

It’s indicated on your map by an orange arrow.

2 – Child’s Play

“Before seeing you reveal all the secrets, Hu-Sed-Tusei-Bald has said to tidy up the crates. You’d better get a move on ! It all looks so simple, but in reality…”

  • Go to the Library and talk to Hu-Sed-Tusei-Bald
  • Pass the Discovery challenge
  • Pass the Intermediate challenge
  • Pass the Expert challenge
  • Ask Hu-Sed-Tusei-Bald about the rumors

Reward : 1 260 000 xp

Go to the library and talk to Hu-Sed-Tusei-Bald, he will give you a challenge, 3 to be precise. I guess you all know Sokoban ? Yes, the game you played when you were a child ! That’s it ! The point of this game is to put the crates on the highlighted cells (green). To do so, you have the “Pushing” spell, pushing a crate of one cell. If you make a mistake, you can use the “Undo” spell to undo the last “Pushing” spell. If you’re blocked, just give up and start over. You have as much time as you want ! If you can’t find any solutions, here are the solutions on a video :

3 – Shadowless Point of Light

“Hu-Sed-Tusei-Bald has asked you to investigate for him. Each time he goes somewhere, things have been disturbed, as if someone rummaged around just after his last passage… like in the Store Room upstairs next to the swimming pool. So he put one of his books down in there and would like you to catch the crooks red-handed.”

  • Look for clues in the Store Room
  • Overthrow the ambushing Hoodlums
  • Take the news to Hu-Sed-Tusei-Bald
  • Undertake the Zeppelantern dungeon
  • Give a report to Hu-Sed-Tusei-Bald

Reward : 1 260 000 xp

Go to the Store Room (indicated by an orange arrow on your map) and use the “Small Dresser”. You are attacked by 4 Hoodlums, again ! Do not worry, they have low HPs and damage !
Go back to Hu-Sed-Tusei-Bald, he asks you to do the Zeppelantern dungeon (lvl.66), head to Bonta in the forest of Yurbut, Amakna in Emelka, Brakmar in Gnashville or Sufokia in the Steamulating Shore ! Ask some help from your friends. Finally go back to the Huppermagic School to give your report.

4 – Puzzling the Big Sword

“Hu-Sed-Tusei-bald has said to get armed for the upcoming fights with Thomass Edwindu, the master of Equipment Room, which is beyond the bridge, upstairs to the south-east. With a of luck, hit upon a magical weapon of incredible power, allowing you to repel the Bworks before your very eyes.”

  • Ask for help from Thomass Edwindu
  • Take 5 Rustic Handles and 30 Double carat Sapphire Stones to Thomass Edwindu
  • Form a sword on the Fiftinepuzle
  • Talk to Thomass Edwindu to receive the weapon

Reward : 1 260 000 xp + Perryclees Sword

Go to the Equipment Room (indicated by an orange arrow on your map), push the door and enter. Talk to Thomass Edwindu. He asks for 5 Rustic Handles (Weapon Master lvl.40 : 5x Pooplar Wood, 5x Baby redwood Wood, 3x Tadbole Wood) and 30 Double carat Sapphire Stones (Miner lvl.60 : Can be found in Bonta – Cania Swamps, Sufokia – Jumpin’ Jungle, Amakna – Holey Forest).

Thomass Edwindu is pleased and now he wants to craft a sword, “Puzzling the Big Sword”. And now, a new puzzle ! The “Fiftinepuzle”. Don’t worry, it’s easy.
0caea5f28579f159e733586abf3f08e7The point of this game is to reproduce the sword symbol on the floor with the slabs. Each time you move, the slab you’re standing on automatically switches places with the slabs you clicked on. You can only move one cell at a time. There’s no real solution since the slabs are randomly put. It’s not really difficult, just time consuming. Here is the model if you need to look at it, it helps !


5 – The Branchy-Flower

“Hu-Sed-Tusei-Bald said he’s hidden a highly precious artifact in the Equipment Room basement. But something came up, and he wasn’t able to go back to get it. So he’d like you to sort it out. That sounds like a job for you.”

  • Inspect the path under the Equipment Room
  • Ask for help from Janine Soleau
  • Take 50 Edelweiss and 15 Fluorescent Venoms to Janine Soleau
  • Cross the flooded path under the Equipment Room
  • Talk to Hu-Sed-Tusei-Bald about what you’ve found out

Reward : 1 260 000 xp

On the top of the Equipment room, you can see stairs full of water, click on it, you’re blocked.
Go back to the 1st floor of the school to talk to Janine Soleau in the Greenhouse. She’s asking for 50 Edelweiss (Herbalist lvl.75) and 15 Fluorescent venoms (Obtainable from Araknoshima in Sadida’s Kingdom).
Finally go back to the Equipment room, this time, you can enter the flooded path. Go to the other side of the room as fast as possible. You have only 4MPs. You have an oxygen gauge, if it empties completely, you lose ! Thanks to the Branchy-flower you recovered, you can absord the air bubbles (blue glyphes) in your way to raise your oxygen gauge. Be careful, there are some traps on the way, they remove 10MPs.

6 – Validate the 2nd Year

“Laetitia Jocasta Nuk, the bursar, is the person who will validate your skills. After having finished the tests in this year, you’ll have to go and see her.”

  • Complete the quest : Child’s Play
  • Complete the quest : Shadowless Point of Light
  • Complete the quest : Puzzling the Big Sword
  • Complete the quest : The Branchy-Flower
  • Talk to Laetitia Jocasta Nuk to validate the year

Reward : Fluctuation

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