1st Year Huppermage Quest Lvl.30

Required Level : level 30              Recommended number of characters : 1

The Huppermagic School allows you to learn new skills and opens up new quests to you, as well as a new dungeon! This time you certainly won’t have to be dragged to school, kicking and screaming! So if you want to breeze through some amazing new skills, and we’re talking Quadramental Breeze here, enrol in the Huppermagic School, located on Rok Island.
That quest is divided in 3 parts, you will unlock each one of them at level 30,80 and then 130. Each “year” you will be able to win a new active spell or a passive after completing the whole quest. Appealing, right ? For that first year (part) you will have “Mastery of Weapons” as a reward. “Mastery of Weapons” : 2 APs active spell, applies Mastery of Weapons, misses a turn. On next turn, you will have 100% damage inflicted/heals performed with your weapon. Removes the buff at the end of the turn.

1 – 1st Year : School’s Hupper !

“The Huppermages are looking for new talents to overhaul their ranks : after fading from memory decades ago, the Huppermage School is reopening its doors ! Jang Offett is waiting for aspiring students in Astrub. There’s a platform there which can take you to Rok Island, where the school is located.”

  • Use the Access Platform in Astrub to get to the Huppermagic School

Reward : 42 000 xp

Tips : The location of the platform is indicated by an orange arrow. Speak to Jang Offet.

2 – The Indirect Route

“To get to Rok Island, Huppermages don’t beat about the bush, they take the Indirect Route ! Warning : the journey may not be without mishaps.”

  • Don’t get throw off the platform

Reward : 42 000 xp

Careful here, your enemies will try to push you off the platform. Kill them or push them to make them fall down ! Do not worry, they have between 195 and 220 HPs. Try to stay in the middle of the platform to stay safe.

3 – Rite of Admission

“You’ve arrived safe and sound, but not in terms of surprises that await you ! And now to sign up, you have to find three objects hidden downstairs in the school. How absurd !”

  • Ask how to sign up for lessons
  • Take the objects needed to get signed up

Reward : 42 000 xp + Sentimage

Enter the door on the left to meet Laetitia Jocasta Nuk, talk to her.
The locations of the three objects are pointed on the image below by green dots. Take the scroll on the floor in the classroom, the flower pot on the desk in the dormitories and the small bucket in the greenhouse.

4 – The Night Masks

“Feeling tired all of a sudden ? Novice students may rest in the school dormitories. After all, that’s why they’re there. Thanks to the notion of balanced forces, the communal dormitories encourage healthy debate between students, with the aim of boosting the weakest elements.”

  • Sleep in the dormitories
  • Defeat the masked assailants
  • Ask Laetitia Jocasta Nuk about what happened at night time
  • Ask for help from Janine Soleau to have some quiet nights
  • Take 20 Disty Flowers to Janince Soleau so she can make the potion

Reward : 42 000 xp + The Sincere Permage

First of all, head to the dormitories at the top of the map and use the Student Bunk.
During the night, you hear strange noises. You will get attacked by 3 masked assailants ! Defeat them, they all have 220 HPs and low resistances. Then go back to sleep.

In the morning, go talk to Laetitia Jocasta Nuk, the first person you met. She tells you to go ask for help from Janine Soleau, the Botanic Professor, she’s in the Greenhouse, at the right on the map. She will ask you for 20 Disty Flowers, you can harvest them in every Nation, those are level 15 flowers. Otherwise buy them.


5 – How Turnip a Seed

“The mistress, Laetitia Jocasta Nuk, has suggested you to go to the school’s indoor greenhouse and make yourself useful for Janine Soleau, the Botanic Professor. Plunged into a World ruled by the balance of the laws of nature, spotting the right seed can sometimes prove… tricky.”

  • Try and make yourself useful for Professor Soleau
  • Find the right seed
  • Ask to find out more from Janine Soleau
  • Undertake the Sureberry Fields dungeon
  • Take the tale of this adventure to Janine Soleau

Reward : 42 000 xp + The Noble Permage

Go to the Greenhouse and talk to Professor Janine Soleau. She will ask you to find the right seed with a mini-game ! The point of that game is to get to the seed and use the spell “Collect” on it. Each time you move, the plants attack. When going forward ↑ or backward ↓ the red plants attack straight and the blue plants diagonally. When moving left ← or right → the red plants attack diagonally and the blue plants straight. On your way, you can collect yellow orbs which will grant you immunity for one hit from the flowers. Here is the fastest way :
And if you prefer videos, here is the solution on Youtube ! :

Go back to Janine Soleau, she tells you to go to Sureberry Fields dungeon (lvl.21). Head to Amakna and go through the dungeon with your friends. After defeating the boss, finally go back to talk to Janine Soleau.


6 – Validate the 1st Year

“Laetitia Jocasta Nuk, the bursar, is the person who will validate your skills. After having finished the tests in this year, you’ll have to go and see her.”

  • Complete the quest : The Indirect Route
  • Complete the quest : Rite of Admission
  • Complete the quest : The Night Masks
  • Complete the quest : How Turnip a seed
  • Talk to Laetitia Jocasta Nuk to validate the year

Reward : Mastery of Weapons

Simply go back to Laetitia Jocasta Nuk, the old Huppermage you meet at the beginning.

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