[11.25] Beta 1.50 : New Information

Here we are again today to sum that new update up ! I advise you to read the Changelogs before as well as our previous articles not to feel lost :

Nogord Wungleezard

We already talked a lot about the new level 186 Ultimate Boss in previous news, so what now ? Well, several things ! First of all, we had the chance today to have access to the achievements linked to his fight. Indeed, before that we only had a “to do” instead of the description. But is it really joyful ? I would say that it’s pretty disturbing…

30(Kill Nogord in less than 30 turns/Defeat Nogord while he has level 6 “Sacrificial Power” minimum)

Yes, you read well : Kill Nogord in less than 30 turns ! Will it be the longest UB to defeat in the whole World of Twelve ? The second condition to complete that achievement is to kill Nogord with 6 levels of that “Sacrificial Power” state. We can expect a state giving him some buffs for each level, making him more and more powerful !


Do you remember the “Draconique” items ? We finally have the recipes :


Trancheuse Draconique : Starless Night Slicer – Millenium Sword
Plastron Fortifiant : Voracious Protection – Withered Breastplate
Pélerine du Mage Blanc : Interminable Cloak – Capelooni
Collier Irisé : The Eternal – Nyl Tooth
Boucle Prismatique : Round-the-Chest-Nutt – Beltinterest

I post again the characteristics here. Note that they’re already in the builder for you to try out !


As for the quest to access the Ultimate Boss, it uncovers slowly. We have to show what we’ve got to the old man. What would be the best for that ? Well.. Killing Steel Beak and Sham Moon ! Unfortunately, it is not possible to fight any Ultimate Boss in Beta so we can’t go further into the quest.



Last week, we talked about new artefacts. What if today we focused on the old ones ? It was announced today that the EXP from the artefacts’ chests got increased. Indeed, if taken at the right level, the chests contained 30% of the EXP required to get one level. From now on, taken at the right level, the chests will give you 1 complete level ! Here are the new amounts :


Stasis Dungeons

What’s new for the Stasis dungeons ? The new interface just arrived into the dungeons ! It allows you to check the difficulty level, to modify it and to check if you adjusted the level of your team or not. From now on, you can lower the difficulty level at any time during the dungeon run. Be careful though, you can’t increase the level after killing the first group of monsters inside the dungeon.


 Chapter 5 : Nations Quest

The quest is unveiling slowly. Indeed, it is not complete yet and the team is adding some steps every update ! Today we saw a new dungeon appear in the achievement tab. Illustrated with a small octopus… Oktapodas’ sanctuary ! Like the Mechamummy palace, it is linked to a chapter of the quest.


We decided to check that token machine out ! We discovered some pretty nice new deco. Be ready, you, deco collector !


You can go far enough into the quest to see the last reward ! Beware, do NOT click if you want to keep the surprise !


It was announced that the passive “Feca Master” was finally working ! Ô joy and Glory ! We decided to try it out and we can confirm that it’s really working this time !


That’s all for today, see you next week !

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